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Full Set Price List

Full Set Price List

Intro Set $100

For our beginners and newcomers, this set is made for You. Light and easy to wear. This set is perfect for those who want to test the waters.

Mermaid Hybrid $130

This set is for our Mermaids wanting a fuller, softer, and fluffier effect with their lashes. Our customized lashes will give our Mermaids amazing retention.

Mermaid Volume $140

Do you feel like your lashes are not quite strong enough, too thin, or brittle? With our specialized lashes and technique, we will solve this problem. Giving our Mermaids fuller lashes with high retention.
This set is also for those Mermaids just wanting a soft fuller look as well. With our specialized technique our Artists will utilize a mixture of 3D - 8D fan lashes, depending on the health and strength.

Mermaid Mega Volume $160

The most and the best…no words needed. Yes, Queen!

Fill Price List

Fill Price List

All fills must have approximately 40-50% of lashes remaining to be considered a fill. Any less will be required for a full set.
2 Weeks Intro $60
Mermaid Hybrid $70
Mermaid Volume $77
Mermaid Mega $90
3 Weeks $15 Add
4 Weeks $25 Add
5 Weeks "New Set"
Add-On Services

Add-On Services

Wispy $15 Add
Remove Only $35
Remove & Redo $20
Color Add-On

Color Add-On

Tail $10
Mixture $20
Glitter $10
Diamond $10